If You Are a Walnut

If You Are a Walnut

The highly profitable and deliberately exploitable difference between poor, urban, black people and privileged, suburban, white people in America…in a Nutshell

If you are a walnut and you have lived inside your shell for your whole life, then the only thing you will ever know and understand..your beliefs, values, truths, anxieties, fears, wonders, thoughts and foundations ..will always be based within the context of the insides of that shell.

THIS is the existential problem with (most) Blacks in America.

Their race IS their shell.

Ironically, it is ALSO the existential problem with (most) privileged, generationally wealthy and secure, upper middle class (mostly Liberal) Whites in America….well except their life is probably swimming around somewhere on the inside of an avocado….sorry, not sorry, I couldn’t help that one *snicker*.

This is why the NME of We The People will ALWAYS be able to exploit and keep Black people down in America, so that they can be used as “Noble Savage” bait to tear at the bleeding heart strings of privileged White people, to get at theirs, and their parents’, somewhat earned Generational Corporate Wealth.

…do you see how it works now?

The real irony in this whole disgustingly profitable Advertising trick is that, while BOTH of these American Target Demographics genuinely believe in this extremely exaggerated and deliberately spun up idea of “Systemic Racial Oppression” of Black people by the American White Working Class…

…they really have absolutely not one other thing in common at all.

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