Introducing the “Melissa”

Introducing the “Melissa”

This is the actual transcript of a real conversation thread on FB that happened during the race riots of June 2020 between a privileged, suburban, white, self-proclaimed “social justice warrior” and proud UsVersusThemer, Liberal female, the Melissa, and me…her name was literally Melissa :

Smithy Jones lol

Melissa. W. Smithy Jones

Smithy Jones well it’s hard on people when they lose their religion but, hey, at least you’re not this dumb bitch who thinks she playing a hero in a dystopian video game, literally believing, heart and soul, that she’s fighting “Fascism”

Melissa W. Smithy Jones I’m expressing my opinion just like you are. I talk to my POC friends and they are the ones who know how it feels. I may be white, but I worked hard through this chronic pain my entire adult life, and have delt with female oppression and abuse. I don’t want other people to feel that way, feeling as less than. Why are you posting shit?

Smithy Jones your opinion is wrong

Melissa W. Smithy Jones prove it

Smithy Jones and that’s the absolute unequivocal truth…you’re getting hustled by the News Media’s Spin and it’s all just one big con game…the sooner you learn it, the better for you

Melissa W. Are you going to ask all my friends who are POC? They agree with me.

Smithy Jones okay, I prove it right now, I’m going to say a word right now and after I say it, I want you to tell me how you immediately feel, okay?

Smithy Jones okay?

Melissa W. Smithy Jones my feelings arnt the ones that we are talking about.

Smithy Jones it will have nothing to do with race and I don’t give two shits about your friends of color

Smithy Jones I can prove it to you like you’ve asked…right now…and with one word

Melissa W. Smithy Jones It’s the N word, and it makes me uncomfortable, there you go. What does that prove?

Smithy Jones okay, so there are 7 billion+ peole in this word and you can’t read the mind of even one of them

Smithy Jones so…I can prove it with just one word but if you’re not committed to learning then it’s not worth it anyway…I need you to comply and just say okay, that’s all

Melissa W. Here’s a word for you~ asshole.

Smithy Jones yeah, you’re not ready

Smithy Jones in fact your irrational insults ARE in fact the evidence

Melissa W. Smithy Jones ok, what’s the word?

Smithy Jones Rape

Melissa W. Smithy Jones how irrational, you are acting like a know it all. You don’t know it all. Nobody does.

Melissa W. Smithy Jones ok.

Melissa W. Smithy Jones and?

Smithy Jones is it possible that I do in fact know more than you?

Smithy Jones is that possible?

Smithy Jones you are right, I absolutely don’t know it all

Melissa W, Smithy Jones it’s possible you know some things more than me and vice versa.

Smithy Jones yep, and vice versa

Smithy Jones like I know how to spell VICE versa

Smithy Jones how did correcting your spelling make you feel?

Melissa W, Smithy Jones I know I’ve learned a lot in my 47 years of life. I base my opinions on my experiences.

Smithy Jones you clearly misspelled the word “Vice”…right?

Smithy Jones

Melissa W, Smithy Jones I can fix it. Voila!

Smithy Jones lol okay

Melissa W, Smithy Jones yeah, so? It’s 3:35 in the morning here. Trump can’t spell his wife’s name or hamburger.

Smithy Jones okay, I’ll sorta cut to the chase scene here…do you know what the Confidence Game is?

Smithy Jones I want to come back to your previous comment about Trump but I’m not here to lead you along….so, if you’re open to it, I’ll easily explain it…and it’s by far nothing you’ve probably never heard of or are aware of, trust

Melissa W, Smithy Jones a book about someone else’s opinions?

Smithy Jones the Confidence Game is actually the Con Game …”Con” stands for Confidence

Smithy Jones hold on I really gotta pee lol

Melissa W, At this point in time, if you support Trump, there is no point in arguing. He is a disgrace every day. Enjoy yours.

Melissa W, TENOR

Smithy Jones so in the Con Game there are 3 principle players…the Con or the initiator of the game…the Mark or the victim…and the Shill…the Shill is actually an accomplice of the Con but PLAYS the innocent bystander

Smithy Jones the Mark believes the Shill is a random so-and-so who just happens to come by

Melissa W, What about the word rape? Where is your point about that?

Smithy Jones are you aware that you keep giving Trump FREE advertising on social media?

Smithy Jones he’s Conned you into doing that

Smithy Jones but you do it because it makes you FEEL like you’re winning at something….in other words he’s making YOU feel CONFIDENT

Smithy Jones Fucking Donald Fucking Trump is the greatest fucking Con Man I’ve ever seen and I sold cars for many years

Melissa W, Smithy Jones He’s a douche every day. He’s conned his supporters into thinking he cares about them, when all he cares for is money and praise.

Smithy Jones it’s truthful because it’s telling you the things that it knows you believe and want to hear…then they spin you up and THEN they go to commercial to sell you Big Macs and Pepsi

Smithy Jones your body is chemicals

Smithy Jones let me ask you this

Smithy Jones is this a race protest…or News Media generated Spin for profit to sell advertising?

Smithy Jones think hard

Smithy Jones then you’re just a statistical outlier…but associating race with Big Macs is a billion dollar advertising business

Smithy Jones my point yes…

Smithy Jones do you see them holding up their arms, right?

Smithy Jones almost like this movie character=>

Smithy Jones what about what these people are doing here?

Smithy Jones or these people?

Smithy Jones or these people? …that is me circled in red by the way…8th grade maybe..mid 80’s…I GREW UP in a shitty ass gang ridden neighborhood with lots of poverty and violence

Smithy Jones what about these people?

The Hitler Salute - YouTube

Melissa W, Smithy Jones it looks like a school room to me. Sometimes white kids were the minority. There are many poor white people too.

Smithy Jones it was the auditorium but anyway, let me ask you this, do you consider yourself pro science?

Melissa W, Smithy Jones I’m not religious.

Smithy Jones that’s not what I asked

Smithy Jones are you pro science?

Smithy Jones guess what happens inside our bodies when we raise our hands in the air and hold them there for a few seconds?

Melissa W, I consider myself tired and going back to sleep. Bonne Nuit.

Smithy Jones in fact, you can do this right now where you are…just raise your arms in the air and hold them there for about 10 seconds and watch what happens

Smithy Jones oh, I’m so close here, hang on…

Smithy Jones I could just tell you…but you could feel it for yourself if you actually did it

Smithy Jones we evolved

Smithy Jones did you do it?

Smithy Jones started to feel fucking amazing did you?

Smithy Jones see, when people raise their arms on purpose they think they’re just stretching and THAT’S why they’re feeling good…but that’s not actually WHY they’re FEELING GOOD

Smithy Jones when people raise their arms in the air a near immediate release of a concoction of hormones is released into their bloodstream…which is mostly Oxytocin and Testosterone

Smithy Jones Oxytocin is considered the “trust” hormone or kinda sorta the “love” hormone and it strengthens bonds with others……ESPECIALLY tribal bonds over similar, yet simple (not complex or over studied) ideas or values or beliefs

Smithy Jones Testosterone is the “confidence” hormone but it’s really the OVER- confidence hormone….and it can very much get us into trouble and very fast….we make stupid decisions when our bodies are jacked full of testosterone….and this is literally why men tend to die younger than women because men, on balance, have more of it at any one time.

Smithy Jones but this young girl here is ABSOLUTELY jacked full of her own testosterone ..and that’s why she’s doing this stupid fucking thing which is going to ruin the rest of her life

Smithy Jones you don’t think ol’ Sly understands this Confidence Game?

Smithy Jones …now….full circle here…..what do you think THESE retards are ACTUALLY doing during this event

Smithy Jones …yep, that’s right….

……..they’re selling Big Macs

Smithy Jones and YOU, Melissa W,, are brainwashed to give Donald Trump FREE advertising on Social Media

…how does that make you feel?

Because HATE sells


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