This is how easy it is to brainwash people to fear harmless things.

This is how easy it is to brainwash people to fear harmless things.

Human beings, by our nature, are really only naturally afraid of two things….falling and loud noises.

This YouTube video demonstrates an experiment that was done on babies by a Human Behavorial Psychologist named Dr. John Watson.

Here is the actual link:

Dr. Watson’s unethical experiments and his affair with his own graduate student got him removed (fired) from his research position at Johns Hopkins University. He then took his research into Corporate Advertising and contributed to today’s mass media’s News and Advertising Corporate Complex that we have to now suffer through every day of our miserable lives in modern society.

This research is curriculum that is taught in a basic 100 level college Psychology class. If you did not go to college and decided instead to go into the trades or military or elsewhere to get an education, then you would never have been introduced to Dr. Watson, and you would have no way of understanding how this kind of brainwashing works on you.

This is the mass advertising, and loss-baiting, fear mongering, insults-to-status narratives that compel our monkey (mid) brains to react violently and aggressively to each other. They are making us constantly feel like someone else is getting more than us…like we’re missing out on the goods….as if we need to FIGHT to keep what we already own and have worked and sacrificed so hard for already.

This is why people can be made so amped up to attack the Capital. This is why people can be made so spun up to riot and destroy whole downtown cities.

This is why millions of people can be so easily baited to run out and panic buy toilet paper and ammunition.

This is why millions of people can be so easily brainwashed to fear vaccines, which are a modern miracle of humanity’s very survival.

Please, folks, for ALL our fates, stop biting the bait. Turn off your News (NONE of it is real). And have the courage to reach out and just talk with people who are different from you. You might be surprised to find out that ALL people care about their families, their communities, their neighbors, their work, and their futures, and, when it’s all said and done, ALL people really just want to live in Peace with one another.


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