Inspired by the riots that the News Media Executive Advertising Villains started with their monstrous Spin, while raking in Billions and Billions of disgusting sums of profit from the ratings they got, I finally decided to do something about it.

That’s what this page is about.

Donate or Contact me here and we can ACTUALLY help to change the world.

Are you tired of living every day of your life in misery? Are you tired of constantly fighting with your friends, family, and other loved ones over ridiculous manufactured and Spun up narratives about brain-dead, emotion-jerking concepts of skin color and genitalia? Are you tired of getting written up or fired from your job because you’re not buying the News Media brainwashing that your other co-workers are forcing on you? Then you have a real friend in me here and I am ABSOLUTELY focusing with laser vision to do something about it. Wouldn’t you like to have your mental peace back again? Wouldn’t you like to do creative works to put your ideas into action to become prosperous, or just for fun again? Wouldn’t you like to help out in your local community with other friendly and helpful people again? Aren’t you tired of hating people who you have never even met just because some porn star News Anchor is screaming at you and telling you exactly who THEY want you to HATE?

Wouldn’t you just plain like to some fun in your life again?

I’m serious as a heart attack….join me….help me….fuel me….because this sh!t FINALLY needs to STOP!

I am not in need of your Donations. And I’m doing this thing 100% from a humble heart. Yep, I care. Someone else had mentioned to allow for donations so that others, if they feel empowered by what I’m doing here, can help. I promise you, however, that money talks and someday I’m probably going to need to pay some Lawyers for some darn thing lol…man, I hope not…sigh. Given funding, new ideas will come and new projects will be created. Also, it’s not just about money, please donate me your ideas, thoughts and your stories of action and hope. And PLEASE feel free to make comments on the pages, okay?

Donate or Contact me here and we can ACTUALLY help to change the world.